Negative Side Effects of Mirena IUD Migration

Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Personal Injury

Two women recently filed Mirena birth control lawsuits in Ohio and California. This is in addition to the earlier 16 cases lodged before the court in New Jersey which are now under central management. Like the other cases, the new complainants alleged that they suffered side effects and injuries as the result of the migration of the Minera IUD. What exactly is migration and what are the potential consequences?

Mirena IUD is a small, T-shaped device that is inserted in the uterus of a woman and releases levonorgestrel which works to prevent pregnancy. This device is supposed to stay in the uterus for five years but somehow, it moves to the other parts of the body. This movement of the contraption from its original location to another is called migration.

When the Mirena IUD moves or migrates from the uterus, several effects may then happen. For one, the contraceptive will be useless in preventing pregnancy. In the highly rare instance that the woman gets pregnant, most likely it might be an ectopic pregnancy which in itself is a serious condition and requires surgical procedures.
When the Mirena IUD migrates, perforations in the uterus occurs which may then lead to infections, scarring, obstructions in the intestine, and damage to the affected organs. All these side effects are very serious that it may need surgery just to remove the Mirena IUD and more may be required just to repair the damages it has caused. This serious complication and other effects have prompted other users to read more on the Mirena birth control lawsuits.


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