FDA Warning: Januvia Link with Pancreatic Cancer

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Personal Injury

Findings from a small study moved the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to raise a couple of red flags concerning the drug Januvia, which might have been associated with pancreatitis and other types of cancer, an online report says. Following a study reported by the JAMA Internal Medicine, FDA has started an investigation whether or not type 2 diabetes drugs Januvia may increase risks of developing pancreatic cancer, according to www medicalnewstoday.com. Januvia is an oral drug produced by Merck & Co to treat type 2 diabetes, but recently has been the center of attention by some Januvia lawyers because of its affiliation with pancreatic cancer.

FDA started questioning the safety of the drug upon receiving a stream of reports and cases of Januvia users reporting they were at risks of developing pancreatic cancer. Indeed, in 2009, the FDA added information to the labels of Januvia about its association with pancreatitis but carefully disclaiming that the drug is still under thorough investigation. Thus, patients must continue taking Januvia unless advised on the contrary by their physicians.

Overall, Januvia may have no compelling evidence of its association to pancreatic cancer but this is definitely something to look into moving forward, says the report.